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Hello Guys,

I am trying to add a new banner for my Kibana home page, can somebody share some of their experience with it. I checked the official Elastic page but unable to find an example. Also we are using the PLATINUM license.

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Hi Shubham,

Can you explain what you mean by add a new banner? Do you mean add some kind of banner to a dashboard in Kibana? Or change the appearance of the top-level Elastic branded banner as highlighted below in red.

Hey Carly,

I am attaching a screenshot, please have a look and thanks for the response.


Hi Shubham,

Thanks for confirming. I would suggest you could add a new fixed header a footer over the top using HTML and CSS. This can be by either changing the code or writing your own Kibana plugin as per this old discuss post.

I would make sure to keep the Kibana logo with any changes.

Hope that helps!

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