Kibana branding?

I know this always comes up, but for a while now I've been poking my own CSS and logos into my Kibana install to get bundled for the app - mostly so I can distinguish my prod stack from my dev stack.

With 6.6.0 there have been some huge changes to the CSS, (which has completely broken what I've been doing) but from what I can tell it looks like some effort has been made to allow users to modify their own Kibana style.

Is there any documentation, or even a discussion I can follow to get some insight into the CSS, so I can go back to what I was doing before? It's become pretty hard to follow along just by inspecting the files.



I'd suggest looking into the work that's been going on to implement a global "dark mode" theme. It looks like the key PR that went in to make theming possible is

I'm not as familiar into this part of it, but taking a quick look at that PR, it looks like if you want to have a theme with your own branding, then there is a way to hook in some sass files into the build process.

Unfortunately, that means if you've done a lot of work to update the styles for 6.6.0, there is even more work coming to adjust to 7.0.0. But after that, there should be less pain making updates.

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