Custom theme development

I am planning to create some custom pages or custom theme in Kibana. Can any please help me from where did I start this?

Hi Vishal

The ability to theme Kibana is a common request, and one that's definitely on our radar. Currently, this isn't supported, which explains the difficulty you're having. We're currently working on replacing our existing LESS styles with an SCSS-driven UI Framework. The long-term goal is a (S)CSS codebase that you and other plugin developers can depend upon, so theming will be a much more pleasant and stable process.

Here are some relevant resources:

You can track this for progress.

There is a very cool blog post also in this regard:

To theme Kibana with a plugin
If you wish to theme Kibana with a plugin, you are forced to step into the specificity and !important realm of overriding vanilla CSS. I will not personally do this since it creates a pile of bloated CSS and is difficult to maintain. I'll continue to fork Kibana to alter the colors.


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