Creating Custom Log Explorer Dashboards?

Hello, I am trying to improve how we can Explore logs, to that end I want to create Log Dashboards with a specific purposes. So one Dashboard to show all logs for a specific service/environment, another has Controls based on specific variables (for example selecting a specific userID and request type.).

Basically I see two different ways that get me close to where I want to be but not exactly.

If I create a Dashboard with a "Log Stream" I am able to Customise the Controls and make them adaptable, and Dashboard also lets me give each Dashboard a tag which makes it easier to organise. The issue here is that it seems to lock me in to the Table structure of "Stream Log", which I can change but it seems like theres only 1 configuration for the entire account?

Alternatively in "Discovery" I can fully customise how the logs table is displayed and save it as a search, but the issue here is that the Filters are less convenient to use on an Existing search and the searches don't have tags.

Is there some way to combine these two features so I can create a Dashboard that lets me use Controls and Tags for the dashboard, but instead of being locked into 1 view for all dashboards like Log Stream I Can customise it on a per-dashboard basis?

Edit: Found it, if I do "Add From Library" I get to add Searches from Discovery to a Dashboard which I think gets me where I want to go :nerd_face: