Creating custom tracks in Rally with Docker image

I am trying to create a custom track from an existing index using the instructions in the Rally documentation page.

I am running Rally as a Docker Image. Following is the commad that I used to create the track

docker run --network=super-net elastic/rally esrally create-track --track=superhit --target-hosts=super-n0:9200 --indices="superindex" --output-path=~/tracks

Error message :
esrally: error: argument subcommand: invalid choice: 'create-track' (choose from 'race', 'list', 'info', 'generate', 'compare', 'configure', 'download', 'install', 'start', 'stop')

Does it mean that I cannot create custom tracks if Rally is run from docker image ?

Are you using the latest Docker image? What does docker images elastic/rally:latest report?

Here are the latest tags:

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This was the output.
elastic/rally latest 44485af7bc75 3 months ago 418MB

I pulled the latest image from docker and now it started working. Why was it not working earlier ?

Probably you were using an older version of Rally and didn't pull the latest.

elastic/rally latest 44485af7bc75 3 months ago 418MB

Current latest is:

elastic/rally latest 883142ad883b 2 weeks ago 485MB

The create-track subcommand has been introduced in Rally 2.0.0: Rally 2.0.0 released


Got it. Thank you for the help.

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