Creating dashboard panels with code

Hello, I have created a rich dashboard of panels for visual reasons. However this dashboard is incomplete, I need to now copy paste this panels and repeat the process some 50+ more times to show all what we need.
I have exported the dashboard and figured most part of panels code, but when I copy pasted 1 panels and edited it with accord parameter, after importing it back the Dashboard is blank.

This is my edited code, for reading purposes there is only 1 panel and 1 more copy. I understand that there must be an issue ID's being the same. So I am now focusing on finding out the ids I need to change. But does anyone know an easier process for this? Has someone done this before and has a code they can share?
Thank you

There is no public API to interact with Kibana dashboards, but this is a topic actively being discussed, you can subscribe or provide any feedback here

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