Creating documents out of components


Would it be possible to create documents not out of pages but out of a list of components? We currently use AEM for our sites and the client would like to index a list of individual FAQ components as a document each so that the users may get results linking to specific questions.

Would something like this work?

<div data-swiftype-index="true" class="${component.block}__title" data-subcategory="${component.alias}" id="${component.questionID}">
    <button aria-expanded="false" class="${component.block}__button">
        <div data-sly-test="${properties.question}"
             aria-controls="${component.questionID}-panel"> ${properties.question}


Hi Jean,

Unfortunately, that's not something Site Search supports out of the box. The only thing we really use data-swiftype attributes for are content exclusion/inclusion rules, which don't create separate pages.

An API engine (vs. a crawler engine) would be able to ingest non-page documents, but that's a fairly significant change and might not be what you want if you already have an existing working setup.

Apologies I couldn't help further!

Thanks for the reply. I'll look into alternatives.

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