Creating dropdowns within a dashboard to select particular visualisation

Hi, I've currently multiple visualizations embedded within a dashboard.
When I open the dashboard, What I see is all the visualizations present in the dashboard all at once.
I would like to know if there is any way around to create a drop down menu within the dashboard and select only a particular visualization? (Instead of viewing all the visualizations at once).
I'm currently working on Kibana version 6.6

You can show a single visualization from a dashboard in full screen mode by clicking the three horizontal buttons as you hover over a visualization. From that menu, choose "Full screen".

Thanks for the reply nick. I'm aware of that option.
My question was, is there any possibility of adding all the visualizations to the dashboard first, but not display them all at once.
Instead create a drop-down menu where if I can select a particular visualization and view only the selected one?


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