Creating Graph For All Documents In ES

Hi there,

In elastic-search I store a data structure like following :slight_smile:

     "source": "", 
     "destination": "", 
     "timestamp":  1558011580.284477000, 
     "sent_timestamp": 1558011577.509367, 
     "time_diff": 2.77511, 
     "type": "UDP"


My purpose is to store network packets like TCP, UDP, SNMP etc.
Each packet has a timestamp and sent_timestamp. Is it possible to sort packets with respect to their timestamps in the X-Axis, and show the time_diff in the Y axis. If so, what is the aggregation types in the Y and X axis? Is there such a filtering for creating graphs for an attribute of document?
At the end, I need something that looks like the following.



to show individual documents on a graph, you could use a Vega-vizualization.

this blog post might get you started

That helped a lot, thank you so much :grinning:

By the way, is The Vega Visualization only way for creating graphs with individual documents?

yes, broadly, but there's a few other places as well

  • You can show a saved-search with individual documents as a table on a dashboard. create this in Discover
  • the Maps-app allows you to map individual documents as well

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