Creating line chart using datetime values

Hi All,

I am new to ELK stack and need help with creating linechart using time values.

I have 3 time fields in a my document and want to plot a line chart using these values.
Example I have below fields and values

  1. Time when system was locked for batch processing (10-jan-2018 8pm)(field name - lockouttime)
  2. Time when system was released post completion of batch processes for business use (11-jan-2018 3 am) (field name - unlocktime)
  3. SLA time by when the system should be available (11-Jan-2018 6AM) (filed name - SLAtime)
  4. Batch process date (10-Jan-2018) (field name - batchprocessdate)

Similarly I have data for last 7 days and want to create line chart against "batchprocessdate" on daily bases using above fields. Is there a way that I can plot a line chart?

Your help is very much appreciated. Please let me know if you need any further details.

Hi Surya, from your description it sounds like you want a Date Histogram using batchprocessdate as the field. This will bucket documents along the X axis into periods of time based upon the batchprocessdate field. But I'm confused about what you want on the Y axis. How do you want the other time fields to come into play?


Hi CJ,

Thanks for your reply.
What I am looking is - on y-axis I am expecting to see 24hr time range... and on x-axis batchprocessdate value on a daily basis. And as I keep adding data to my elasticsearch documents it should plot a line graph for SLAtime, lockouttime and unlocktime fileds.

Let me know if you need any further details.

Can someone please help with any possible suggestions, if any plugins available to do the same etc?

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