Create daily flight arrival time line graph

Hello Experts,

I am looking at creating line graph of daily flight arrival time of each flight.
Y-axis must be time in HH:MM format and X-Axis is date in DD:MM:YYYY format.

Data is in below format

Flight Number: ABC001
Arrival Time: 12-03-2019 13:45:12

Please advise if its doable?

You might be better off doing this as a heatmap.

To do that, you will want to split out the time, from the arrival time, into it's own field.

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for reply. You mean to use scripted field for deriving the TIME?
Can it be done using line chart?
I am looking at similar graph as below, this was plotted in excel.

You can do that, I am not sure what value it provides?

My use case is similar to flight arrival time.
More than 100 batch jobs get executed in the application I support. The requirement is to plot the line chart graph to identify the job start delays.

I have the data in below format.

ABCD1234, DD/MM/YYYY:hh:mm:ss

I am sure this can be done in Excel by deriving date and time into separate columns. I tried to add the scripted field to do the same but unable to use the scripted field to plot the line graph.

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