Line Chart based on batchJob start time

Hello Experts,

I have an requirement to plot the line chart to identify the batch job (program running at certain intervals) start delays.

The log details are in below format.

ABCD1234, DD/MM/YYYY:hh:mm:ss

Ingested two new fields to split job start date and time into separate fields.
Please advise how this can be achieved.

Below chart was generated in Excel by taking flight arrival time as an example and looking for the same in Kibana

Hey @kankipatis
thanks for your question.
Can I ask you to reformulate a bit more your use case and what you want to achieve with the visualization?
I'm correct if I'm saying that you are interested in visualize, for each day, the average start delay of your jobs? something like: on 01.01.2019 we had an average delay of 3 hours between the scheduled start time and the real start time.
If so what is your scheduled starttime? the begin of each day?

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