Creating pie with Integer as slice


I have documents with the following structure:

"zInvoiceCount": 22,
"zInvoicesSuccessful": 18,
"zInvoicesFailed": 4,
"zItemsCount": 14,
"zItemSuccessful": 10,
"zItemFailed": 4,
"zDate": "2019-09-29T23:05:46.8341165+02:00"

"fileName": "Main",
"zInvoiceCount": 18,
"zInvoicesSuccessful": 14,
"zInvoicesFailed": 4,
"zItemsCount": 8,
"zItemSuccessful": 5,
"zItemFailed": 3,
"zDate": "2019-09-30T23:04:22.6362476+02:00"

I fail to understand how I could create a pie chart that will show sum of zInvoiceFailed and zInvoiceSuccessful as slice.
Could you help ?

With the current format of your data you can't do that in a normal pie chart. But you should be able to achieve that in Canvas.

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