Creating tabs in Kibana Dashboard 6.6.2

I have a scenario where I need to toggle between two tabs in a Kibana dashboard. As an eg: if you see the below dashboard (which is not developed in Kibana) they are able to toggle between two tabs, Country/Region and City,St/Prov

I want to do similarly in Kibana 6.6.2 dashboard to achieve toggling between tabs- Basin Name and Operator Name

Could you please let me know how to achieve this

Hi Team,
I have tried with Markdown widget by having a link to another dashboard. This doesnt seems to be the right solution because it takes time to load the entire dashboard with other visualizations also a new tab. This doesnt provide the seamless user experience to toggle between regions as we get in the stated example above

Hi @Stephy_Jacob,

Currently it's not possible to achieve this behavior - placing the individual visualizations next to each other (or below each other to scroll from one to the other) or linking multiple dashboards together is your best shot.

However we are actively developing on providing more configurable interactivity to dashboards in future versions.

Here is the Github issue tracking your specific request:

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