Creating Visualization with Aggregation


I have data of the following form:

Person : Products Ordered
Bob : ["Apples", "Oranges"]
Alice : ["Mangos", "Milk", "Tomatoes"]
Bob : ["Apples", "Bananas", "Pie"]
Alice : ["Oranges", "Milk"]

and I want to create a visualization aggregating all the products ordered by a person. So in this example,

Person Products Ordered
Bob : "Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Pie"
Alice : "Oranges, Milk, Tomatoes, Mangos"

Notice that I don't want any product duplicated in the list. Also, note that the field is a list of strings (Multi fields). How do I create this visualization? I looked for a documentation but could not find it. A Rest API for doing this is also acceptable but a visualization is more preferable. Thank you.

Most of the visualizations we use in Kibana work with numerical values, so it's impossible to not include any numeric value in the chart. Here are some examples with analogical usecases, for a table and a pie. Something more specific to your usecase probaby would require using vega.

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