Creating Visualizations from Mixed Data

I am very new to ELK and have researched a LOT in the past few weeks. I have a full ELK dev as such setup

VM Server
nGinx -> Kibana 6.x <- ElasticStash 6.x <- Logstash 6.x

NagiosCheckBeat -> (Via SSL Cert) VM Server Logstash
MetricBeat -> (Via SSL Cert) VM Server Logstash
PacketBeat -> (Via SSL Cert) VM Server Logstash

Majority of stuff had visualizations and dashboards but now I am getting into adding custom scripts that return data from devices (not servers) ex; UPS script to pull data. So for ex:
Nagioscheckbeat name = Host: 1stUPS Service: UPS Status
Label: (can be the following) temp , voltage, etc
value: # from above label

Now, trying to get a visualization going w the following is NOT easy

  1. List of all hosts (sometimes by group depending on Host: value under "name"
  2. Click on said host to then goto a dashboard to display current temp, voltage etc

whats the best way to tackle this? Any tutorials / videos?

I got metrics to work using filters on label: temp etc
but when working with visual builder - gauge, noticed nagioscheckbeat-* index has no timestamp?? if i create a reg gauge it works fine. VB gauge it wont give me a drop down for time field. is that normal?

Fixed above by adding a time series via timelion

The ability to create visualizations that can drill down into other dashboards is a feature request that is being tracked on GitHub. It is not available yet.

However, there is an interesting comment in that GitHub issue that describes a workaround method to do this very thing.

Do I understand correctly that you've already fixed the timestamp issue in VB?

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