Cross cluster replication clarification

Hello All,

Im new to elastic search and i want to implement the cross cluster replication in our project i have some questions regarding the ccr. i have gone through the documentation in elastic search websites. Kindly please waiting for the valuable outputs.

  1. If primary cluster fails or crash or down for some reason. can remote cluster take care of primary cluster job?
  2. Can remote cluster performs both read and write operation?
  3. Can anyone have any good example of CCR?
  4. CCR is in paid version?

Please help me with this to understand.

Mohammed Irfan

Replicated indices (followers) are read-only, so I believe this would require manual intervention.

It can not write to a replicated index, but if you are not updating data you could have a separate index replicated the other way that you write to in the remote cluster.

Yes, it is a commercial feature.

Thank you Christian, for your kind reply.

Can you please elaborate on this point.? "require manual intervention".

Is there any other way we can implement the CCR without using paid version like creating some remote clusters and connecting the our primary cluster to any remote cluster.?

A common way to keep two clusters in sync is to feed them both in parallel based on a mesage queue like Kafka. I am not aware of any other workarounds as it s a tricky problem to solve properly.

Thank you Christian, for your kind reply.

Currently our elastic search cluster is on running on Oracle cloud. We want to implement the CCR here.

How can we create secondary cluster here in this concept.?
where both cluster talk in sync.
And how can we make secondary cluster as leader if primary cluster fails.
Please kindly help me on this.?

Mohammed Irfan

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