Cross Cluster Search - 7.17 on EC2 to 8.8 on Kubernetes

I have a 7.17 cluster running on EC2 nodes in AWS. No security enabled. I'm trying to connect it to an 8.8 cluster on K8s with security enabled. Is this even possible?
Having no issues connecting to other 7.17 clusters on EC2, but the new cluster just keeps responding with 0 nodes connected.

Some diagnostic weirdness, even from a local 8.8 pod I expect this to return "This is not an HTTP port"

$ curl -XGET http://localhost:9300
curl: (52) Empty reply from server

The only logs I'm seeing on the 7.17 cluster is:
failed to connect to new remote cluster and in Kibana the typical "Make sure you are using the transport port and not the HTTP port"

Any ideas of what's missing or whether this can work?

Hi @Doc_Kaos

9300 is the transport port it is not HTTP
9200 is the HTTP port

CCS with one with security (authentication/authorization) and one not?.... hmmmm I a pretty sure that is not supported...

You did not defined which is local and which is remote...

Nope from the docs here

Enabling and configuring security is important on both local and remote clusters. When connecting a local cluster to remote clusters, an Elasticsearch superuser (such as the elastic user) on the local cluster gains total read access to the remote clusters. To use cross-cluster replication and cross-cluster search safely, enable security on all connected clusters and configure Transport Layer Security (TLS) on at least the transport level on every node.

The 7.17 cluster is our Local Cluster (searches performed on it) with the 8.x clusters being remotes. Would I only need TLS on 9300 to potentially get this to work? The 8.x clusters would not be accessed directly (over http:9200) except for writing which is already working.

Basically I just need the 7.17 cluster to be able to talk to both old 7.17 clusters (that do not have security enabled) and new 8.x clusters (which the Operator is forcing us to use security) until we are able to migrate fully to 8.x

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