Cross Cluster Search on Kubernetes problem

Hi all,

looking into the forum I was not able to find any similar case so here is my issue:
I have 2 ELK stacks, each running on 2 different Kubernetes clusters.
My goal is to to enable Cross Cluster Search between the clusters but one problem appeared in which I am struggling to find a solution.

For Cross Cluster Search to work, it is my understanding that we set network.publish_host on each cluster, so that other clusters can communicated between themselves when using the Cross Cluster Search API to set the seed nodes.

The problem is that in under a Kubernetes environment, this would be done by setting the network.publish_host to a Kubernetes Service that exposes ports 9200 & 9300 externally.
network.publish_host: elasticsearch_kube_service

The problem with this approach is we would only be allowed to have 1 coordinator node as internally more than one coordinator node would point to the same publish_host, not allowing the extra coordinators node to join the cluster.

Is that something that anyone went through ? Maybe I am missing something from the overall picture.
I wonder if network.publish_host is not needed at all and there is another approach to making them discoverable.

Thank you.

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