Unable to communicate between the two elasticsearch clusters of different datacenters


I have two elasticsearch clusters, each in different datacenter. We maintaining them in kubernetes pods. I am trying to implement cross-cluster search between two clusters. So, when provide node information of one DC in another DC, it failing at updateing the seeds. connection is not establishing between two clusters.Our cloud environment has two IPs pod IP and External IP. Do I need to publish any WAN address from elasticsearch? If so, what will the elasticsearch confguration for that. Please give me some suggestions on this. Here is my elasticsearch.yml configuration. Thanks.

cluster.name: graylog
transport.tcp.port: 9300
http.port: 9200
#discovery.zen.ping.multicast.enabled: false

[loopback, service_name]

discovery.zen.ping.unicast.hosts: ["" {{ range service "service.name" }}, "{{ .Address }}"{{ end }}]
#discovery.zen.ping.multicast.enabled: true

#The mlockall property in ES allows the ES node not to swap its memory. mlockall is set to false by default, meaning that the ES node will allow swapping.
#bootstrap.mlockall: true
bootstrap.memory_lock: false

When running on fast IO like SSDs or a SAN we recommend to increase the value of the indices.store.throttle.max_bytes_per_sec in your elasticsearch.yml to 150MB

indices.store.throttle.max_bytes_per_sec: 150mb

At least NODES/2+1 on clusters with NODES > 2, where NODES is the number of master nodes in the cluster

This will prevent a split-brain scenario

discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes: 2

node.data: true
node.master: true

##Adding remote cluster

search.remote.graylog.seeds: ["nodename1:9300","nodename2:9300","nodename3:9300"]
search.remote.connections_per_cluster: 10
search.remote.connect: true
search.remote.initial_connect_timeout: "30s"

Adding a repository

path.repo: ["/backup"]`

Can someone help me on this issue please?

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