Cross cluster search

I'd like to do a CCS between Elastisearch service and a local ECK. It should/can be uni-directional. Using only the ESS Kibana to search.

The ESS is on an enterprise subscription and the ECK is on a free subscription.

I followed the Elastic documentation and it didn't work. Remote cluster is "Not Connected" in Kibana.

Does anyone manage to do that successfully and share?

CCS in ECK requires an Enterprise license, it does not work with a basic license.

Check this similar question.

And to add to that... when you use CCS both clusters need to be at the same license level, this is so that all clusters are supported at the same level

basic basic is fine
platinum platinum is fine
enterprise basic / platinum not fine etc

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Thanks for answering.

So I guess I have no way to set CCS without Enterprise license for ECK.


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