CrossCluster search using wrong ip address

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Hello, I've a local cluster A and a remote elasticsearch B deployed in a docker container.

I would like to use cluster A as a cross cluster search client to search cluster B.

I've configured cluster A in this way:
PUT _cluster/settings
"persistent": {
"search": {
"remote": {
"cluster_B": {
"seeds": [

But when I try to query the remote server in elasticsearch.log file on cluster A I found this error:
rg.elasticsearch.transport.ConnectTransportException: [SmKOedA][] connect_timeout[30s]

It looks like the remote server is pushing it's internal docker ip ( instead of the one I've configured

Is there a way to fix this behavior?

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hi @Manofwax , what docker images are you use? version?

(Federico Foschini) #3

Hello, I'm using official docker image pinned to version 6.1.4.

This is my elasticsearch.yml file: "ClusterB
bootstrap.memory_lock: true
discovery.type: "single-node"
discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes: 1
search.remote.connect: false

I think the problem is in should I put in there the IP of the phisical machine?

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