Elasticsearch cluster doesn't work when docker on machine is installed

Hi Everybody,

I have setup an Elasticsearch[8.4] cluster (2 nodes) in my aws ec2 machines as follows:

EC2_1 (private IP:, docker-bridge range:
--> in this ec2 I've installed Kubernetes master node, docker and Elasticsearch Master node

EC2_2 (private IP:, docker-bridge range:
--> in this ec2 I've installed Kubernetes worker node, docker and Elasticsearch Slave node

Kubernetes works fine.

Issue: As soon as I start Elasticsearch (for both nodes) I see the nodes cannot communicate between them. This happens because the nodes, inside the clusters, have the wrong IP addresses.
It seems, Elasticsearch, at startup, takes the docker-bridge range IP instead of the EC2 range IP.

from EC2_2 Elasticsearc logs:

[2022-09-22T08:10:35,691][WARN ][o.e.d.HandshakingTransportAddressConnector] [ip-172-31-1-2] completed handshake with [{ip-172-31-1-1}{ip-172-31-1-1}{}{}{cdfhilmrstw}] at [] but followup connection to [] failed
org.elasticsearch.transport.ConnectTransportException: [ip-172-31-1-1][] handshake failed. unexpected remote node {ip-172-31-1-2}{ip-172-31-1-2}{}{}

If I try to stop docker.service and start Elasticsearch cluster, everything works fine! (both nodes)

I was wondering if I could set cluster nodes IP at Elasticsearch startup (the same as his EC2).

How can I solve the issue? is It an Elastisearch bug?

Thanks in advance,

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