kibana exports csv inside but writes in one column.
I want separate columns in excel format as I described in the figure.
I am developing in kibana development environment.
The page developed is on the following page.

csv export result:

the shape i want :

the page I work ;

The CSV file is properly formatted. Below is the export output from a table visualization. Each row has 2 columns. The first is the key and the second is the count. The columns are separated by ,

"machine.os.keyword: Descending",Count
"win 7",332
"win xp",325
"win 8",307

Then, when the file is opened in Numbers the columns are displayed as expected

The problem may be with how the CSV is imported into your spreadsheet application. Is your spreadsheet application using , to split columns?

@mr_searchng Looks like this is the same question you asked in post Excel export csv. The answer is the same, its an import issue with excel and not recognizing , as the delimiter.

How do I make split columns in the code section without looking at the property of the spreadsheet application?

I can not answer questions about your spread sheet application. Please ask your spread sheet application vendor.

agg_table.js does not make split columns.
how do i do it ?

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