Columns exported from Tabular CSV are reshuffled

Hello Team,

Columns are getting reshuflled when exported to CSV format

When exported in CSV, columns are getting shifted

Please can you help me for how to resolve this one

Hello Team,
Please help me for the above query... Need your support for same

Hi @Arshukla

what version of the stack are you using? Is this limited only to saved searches or also aggregation-based tables (i.e. TSVB/Lens/Agg-based editor)?

Hello Marco,
I am using Kibana version of 8.6.1 and this issue is being faced on Lens.

Are you defining any column via the Split metrics by group?

NO Marco. I have defined all columns either in Rows and Metrics

I've managed to reproduce the problem and logged an enhancement request here: [Lens] CSV export does not respect columns order from table · Issue #164413 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

So, the solution will be available in next version of Kibana ?

We cannot guarantee a specific release date for the issue. But you can track it on github to know when it would be addressed.

Hello @Marco_Liberati,
This situation is typically unexpected, as the data should ideally be downloaded in the same order as the variables are arranged in the table. It appears that this isn't an improvement in functionality but rather a bug, as the variable order is becoming altered.

In a CSV the order of the column should not matter as long as the header is exported as well.
I see how keeping the order of the columns is nicer rather than re-shuffle them, but that's not strictly required, hence the "enhancement" tag.

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