CSV Export fails after size exceeds threshold


Hi all,

We're running an Elasticsearch/Kibana installation v. 6.2.3, with x-pack basic license activated. CSV exports are executed successfully up to a certain file size (~800KB). If the columns or rows are increased in the search to export, the export fails after 3 attempts. We suspected this was due to timeouts so we increased the timeout and file size settings in kibana.yml but the issue persists. Current settings available below:

xpack.reporting.queue.pollInterval: 60000
xpack.reporting.queue.timeout: 240000
xpack.reporting.csv.maxSizeBytes: 52428800

Additional plugins running:

  • own_home
  • searchguard

The successful exports are ready in just a few seconds. We cannot find anything peculiar in the kibana logs, searching for csv we can view the requests at the reporting api.

Any ideas are more than welcome.


Following some further investigation, we ended up with the following:

  • the issue was related to own_home, which uses hapijs to load a proxy server between Kibana and Elasticsearch
  • hapijs by default restricts payloads up to 1MB, so exports larger than that were doomed to fail
  • the solution was to change init_proxy.js in own_home to allow for larger payloads.

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Great , Thanks for posting the conclusion you arrived at.


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