Curator: allocating / moving shards to non-existing nodes

consider the following action defined in curator:

action: allocation
description: "move data from hot to warm nodes after 14 days"
  key: box_type
  value: warm
  allocation_type: require
  wait_for_completion: True
  continue_if_exception: False
  disable_action: False
  ignore_empty_list: True
- filtertype: pattern
  kind: prefix
  value: data-
- filtertype: age
  source: name
  direction: older
  timestring: '%Y-%m-%d'
  unit: days
  unit_count: 14

Consider this action to be run by curator against a cluster that only contains "hot-nodes" / no nodes tagged as "warm".

From my point of view, the filter should find indices to consider, but no nodes to be the target of the reallocation, so the action should have no effect in this case, has it?

Thx in advance

It will set an index.routing.allocation.require.box_type: warm setting on the index which will affect the allocation of shards. If there are no warm boxes then I think it doesn't immediately deallocate the replicas, but it will prevent any further replicas from being allocated and will harm your clusters resilience if nodes restart.

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