Curator Allocation Filters

Running into a bit of a stumper. Using curator to change the replicas to 1 on indices, but the filters don't seem to be working correctly.

Indices to be changed all have the following attributes in _settings
"settings": {
"index": {
"routing": {
"allocation": {
"require": {
"node_type": "warm"

When running curator, I'm using the below actions file contents:
action: replicas
description: >-
Change replica count to 1 for indices on warm nodes
count: 1
wait_for_completion: True
disable_action: False
- filtertype: allocated
key: node_type
allocation_type: require
value: warm
- filtertype: pattern
kind: regex
value: '^(.kibana_|.).*$'
exclude: True

However, curator dry-run is still showing it acting against indices that don't have the node_type:warm

Can anyone provide insight if I'm doing something wrong here?

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What versions of Elasticsearch and Curator are you using?

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So we figured it out... thanks GeekPete!!

the allocation filtertype defaults with exclude: True, so it will inherently exclude instead of include. By adding exclude:false to the syntax, I got the results I expected, which was to ONLY include those with node_type: warm

  • filtertype: allocated
    key: node_type
    allocation_type: require
    value: warm
    exclude: false
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Added a doc fix PR:

Filed an issue:

Hopefully just clarifying the docs is enough to help people avoid the confusion.

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