Curator_cli show_indices gives no output

Just trying out creator, so far I've installed the RPM on my elasticsearch node & tried showing my indices which doesn't give any output. I've tried the following commands;

[root@elastic01 ~]# curator_cli --host --port 9200 show_indices --verbose --header
[root@elastic01 ~]# curator_cli --host --port 9200 show_indices --verbose --header

Both of which silently exit. Apparently an expired x-pack licence can cause this issue. I have uninstalled the x-pack plugin from elasticsearch, but the issue still persists.

Elasticsearch is bound to, and curator_cli is running from the same machine elasticsearch is on, so both of those IP's should work. Any help appreciated.


A full restart of the cluster is typically necessary to fully purge X-pack.

Also, debug logging is appropriate for troubleshooting here. You could add --loglevel DEBUG to see what it reveals. If that still shows nothing, a YAML --config might help, where you can add blacklist: [] to the logging block. This will show all elasticsearch and urllib3 log traffic, which is suppressed by default, as it is extremely verbose.

I've rebooted & tried again, here is the output from that command;

[root@elastic01 ~]# curator_cli --loglevel DEBUG --host --port 9200 show_indices --verbose --header
2018-06-12 14:10:12,649 DEBUG     curator.cli_singletons.cli_action.show_indices          check_filters:117  Validating provided filters: [{'filtertype': 'none'}]
2018-06-12 14:10:12,649 DEBUG     curator.validators.SchemaCheck               __init__:26   Schema: <function Filters.<locals>.f at 0x7f7d6da62158>
2018-06-12 14:10:12,650 DEBUG     curator.validators.SchemaCheck               __init__:27   "filters" config: [{'filtertype': 'none'}]
2018-06-12 14:10:12,650 DEBUG     curator.validators.SchemaCheck               __init__:26   Schema: {'filtertype': Any(In(['age', 'alias', 'allocated', 'closed', 'count', 'forcemerged', 'ilm', 'kibana', 'none', 'opened', 'pattern', 'period', 'space', 'state']), msg="filtertype must be one of ['age', 'alias', 'allocated', 'closed', 'count', 'forcemerged', 'ilm', 'kibana', 'none', 'opened', 'pattern', 'period', 'space', 'state']")}
2018-06-12 14:10:12,650 DEBUG     curator.validators.SchemaCheck               __init__:27   "filter" config: {'filtertype': 'none'}
2018-06-12 14:10:12,651 DEBUG     curator.validators.filters                      f:48   Filter #0: {'filtertype': 'none'}
2018-06-12 14:10:12,651 DEBUG              curator.utils             get_client:803  kwargs = {'hosts': [''], 'port': 9200, 'url_prefix': '', 'aws_token': None, 'aws_sign_request': False, 'client_cert': None, 'use_ssl': False, 'http_auth': None, 'master_only': False, 'aws_key': None, 'ssl_no_validate': False, 'timeout': 30, 'certificate': None, 'client_key': None, 'aws_secret_key': None}
2018-06-12 14:10:12,656 DEBUG              curator.utils             get_client:880  Not using "requests_aws4auth" python module to connect.

I've got no errors there so i'm assuming it's connecting ok? Does the same thing with

Running this gives no output.

curator --config /usr/share/curator/curator.yml /usr/share/curator/action.yml

The following is written to the log, my log level is set to 'DEBUG'

2018-06-12 14:29:01,901 DEBUG                curator.cli                    run:108  Client and logging options validated.
2018-06-12 14:29:01,901 DEBUG                curator.cli                    run:112  default_timeout = 30
2018-06-12 14:29:01,901 DEBUG                curator.cli                    run:116  action_file: /usr/share/curator/action.yml

Any ideas?

Let me process this in reverse order.

Not progressing past action_file: /usr/share/curator/action.yml indicates a YAML parsing error. Something is probably improperly indented.

Not progressing past Not using "requests_aws4auth" python module to connect. indicates that Curator was unable to establish a client connection to the indicated node. This can further be tested by running: curl (or and seeing the output at the command-line.

Just ran the curl command, it wouldn't connect either. Checking the service i'm getting the following;

elasticsearch dead but subsys locked

Not sure why, it was up and running this morning, I was using kibana. Very strange. It's only stopped working since the reboot.

I've tried restarting the service, deleting the /var/lock/subsys/elasticsearch file, and rebooting the server, still with the same issue.

That's an entirely different issue. Not sure how you hit that, but I've never seen it before.

It's only cropped up following the reboot after removing x-pack - It was working this morning.

Going to try rebooting again and see if I can get this fixed.

Well, following a reboot, elasticsearch and curator are now working.

This is really weird - I keep having issues where there have been no config changes & part of my stack breaks, with no apparent causes. Rebooting only sometimes resolves the issues, as I rebooted earlier and the error persisted. Really strange.

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