Curator command error in windows

Hi There,
Under going a couple of issues,below is the list of activities preformed:

1.installed elastic search 5.4.3 - successful
2. Installed Python version 3.6 - successful
3 have pip set.
4.Trying to install curator now?
5.i had entered the following command in CMD
Pip install elastic search - curator
6.And it was successful and when. Entered curator -- version it displays 5.4.1 is it perfectly installed? I have to delete few indexes in ES , how do I proceed.
9.tried a few commands like curator delete indices .... But throws an error.

My elastic is up end running

It will help if you attach here the error.

It will also help you you include your configuration files — minus the credentials, of course.

hi ,
Please find the below screenshot and the commands im using ...Is this the correct approach?


From the --older-than, it is clear you have been reading someone's outdated blog post instructions. That flag was discontinued with the advent of Curator v4. Please do not use it. Also, screen shots are exceptionally hard to read. If there is any way you can cut/paste the actual data, it is preferred.

I'm kind of puzzled why you went to the trouble to install Python and pip and all that when there's an official Windows MSI Installer for Curator.

Your action configuration file looks good, but you need to create a client configuration file as well. This tells Curator where to connect, any credentials that may be necessary, what level of logging, etc. You can provide that with `curator --config "C:\path\to\config.yml" --dry-run "C:\path\to\action.yml"

If you put your client configuration file into C:\Users\emitescv\.curator\curator.yml, you can omit the --config "C:\path\to\config.yml" portion, as it looks there by default.

Thanks a lot!!!

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