Curator config properties

Is there a way to specify curator properties on command line instead of in the yaml? For example curator --host <some_ip>... etc..

Also, what is does the hosts property signify? To provide more context... In my case, we have 3 client, 3 master eligible and multiple data nodes. Where should I be running curator from? If it is on master nodes and i have set master_only=true then for each of the master nodes, the hosts property needs to be different. Besides dynamically generating the curator config yaml, can I somehow pass in the hosts property to curator via command line?

This is a requested feature. I'm trying to get it into 4.1.

Thank you. So, for now, I guess, I will need to dynamically inject the hosts property in the yaml.

Curator 4.1 is now released, and supports environment variables.

Thank you.