Curator for a 3 nodes cluster

Hi !

I would like to use curator to deleta some indices in my cluster.
My cluster is composed of 3 data nodes and 1 client node.

My question is: in the config file, which hosts should I write ? only one is enough or all 3 nodes ?

Thanks !

Any of the nodes should work, any requests that curator makes will be distributed and redirected within the cluster to get to the right place.

Thank you !

on a similar note..i am using config mgmt. to install elasticsearch. I am using curator 4.x which doesn't have --master-only option. How can I make curator run only on one node and not others?

It does, but it goes into the configuration file:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was about to write a wrapper over curator that will query elastic search and get current master ip to compare current server host ip to make determination.