Deleting index by curator on cluster

Sorry this could be a very basic. I am running ES 7 cluster with 3 servers. All 3 servers have data and one of them is acting as a master. data master data data

I need to delete indices older than 30 days with curator.

Here is my question.
Do I need to delete all 3 servers' or just a master's?
If it is only a master is there any es query to find who the master is?
Or if I need to delete all 3 servers' indices the master won't try to sync data what other 2 servers don't have depending on timing?

Thank you for your help in advance.

You don’t have to run Curator on more than one host, or even necessarily the master node. An API call to delete an index made to any node in the cluster will delete it entirely from the cluster. Curator is just an index selection wrapper around the various API calls used for index and snapshot management.

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