Few Clarifications about elasticsearch setup

Hi Team,

I have configured elasticsearch STS object in k8s cluster using helm chart. I have defined following options in values.yaml. I am not still clear what it means.

  master: "true"
  ingest: "true"
  data: "true"

replicas: 3
minimumMasterNodes: 2

I have 3 elasticsearch pods are running. My query is, Am i running 3 master nodes or one master node with replicas?

elasticsearch-master-0                           1/1     Running     0          6d3h
elasticsearch-master-1                           1/1     Running     0          6d3h
elasticsearch-master-2                           1/1     Running     0          6d3h

I am also trying to configure curator. I have a query in curatory.yaml file. What should I define for hosts. Do I have define 3 pods hostname or service name of elasticsearch.

 config_yml: |-
      hosts: ["elasticsearch-master-0", "elasticsearch-master-1", "elasticsearch-master-2"]

Hi @kasim123

With this configuration, you have 3 nodes with all 3 being at the same time master node, ingest node and data node.

Thanks @Julien_MAILLERET. I have few more queries regarding Elasticsearch Curator.

Pls look at my queries @ Certificate details of Curator

I'll let someone else with better curator knowledge answer to these ones.