Curator current month to date


Is there a way in Curator I can add an alias to all indices in the current month? So, if say today is 1st Feb (which is it) how would I set up an alias action to add an alias of "current_month" to anything from the first day of the current month?

I've tried:

      - filtertype: pattern
        kind: prefix
        value: event-
      - filtertype: age
        source: name
        direction: younger
        timestring: '%Y.%m.%d'
        unit: months
        unit_count: 0

and also unit_count: 1 but that basically takes everything from a month ago. Is there a way to say "take everything from the 1st of this month to now"?

Many thanks

Not in the way you're requesting, not yet anyway. There is an issue open for that on GitHub:

Wow, yes that's perfect - thanks @theuntergeek - and once again for the reply - excellent level of support!

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