Curator install problem with /.curator folder

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Hello, I have a couple of problems, I could not install curator in centos 7 with YUM, I had to use PIP, but I think it's already working.
The problem is that I can not find the folder /.curator/curator.yml in the hidden files
my question is do I have to create the folder and the file inside myself?

// curator --help

[root@localhost fconcha]# curator --help
Usage: curator [OPTIONS] ACTION_FILE

Curator for Elasticsearch indices.


--config PATH Path to configuration file. Default: ~/.curator/curator.yml
--dry-run Do not perform any changes.
--version Show the version and exit.
--help Show this message and exit.

(Aaron Mildenstein) #2

I highly recommend not using pip on CentOS 7 unless you're using pip3 with a version of python3, as the default python version on CentOS 7 is 2.7.5, which has known issues with SSL, and some of the regular expression modules. 2.7.5 is over 3 years old, and Python 2.7 is less than 2 years away from EOL.

Curator works with Python 2.7, and is tested by Travis CI with Python 2.7, but only with the most recent patch levels, which is certainly 2.7.13 or newer. Curator is probably safe with anything newer than 2.7.9.

The RPM package that is provided (and there are direct downloads in addition to the YUM repositories linked here) contains a bundled version of Python 3.6 just for Curator, so it's very much up to date. This installation method is preferred for RHEL/CentOS due to these factors.

With that consideration now fully disclosed, yes. You need to create ~/.curator/curator.yml if you plan on using that feature. It should be the $HOME path of whichever user will be using cron.

(Felipe Concha) #3

Thank you very much Aaron for your answer, it helps me a lot !!!


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