Curator not running


Trying to setup some curator jobs to delete data that's over a year old. Have curator installed via YUM.

Have the following in my curator.yml

  port: 9200
  use_ssl: True
  certificate: '/etc/elasticsearch/x-pack/ca.crt'
  client_cert: '/etc/elasticsearch/x-pack/master1/master1.crt'
  client_key: '/etc/elasticsearch/x-pack/master1/master1.key'
  ssl_no_validate: False
  timeout: 30
  master_only: False

  loglevel: DEBUG
  logfile: '/var/logs/curator.log'
  logformat: default
  blacklist: ['elasticsearch', 'urllib3']

And the following in my actions file.

    action: delete_indices
    description: delete indices that are older than 365 days
      filtertype: age
      source: creation_date
      direction: older
      unit: days
      unit_count: 365
      filtertype: kibana
      exclude: True

If I run "curator --dry-run --config ~/.curator/curator.yml delete-old-indices.yml" then I get no output on the command line and only the following in the debug log.

2018-08-07 14:25:20,521 INFO                 curator.cli                    run:146  Preparing Action ID: 1, "delete_indices"
2018-08-07 14:25:20,521 DEBUG              curator.utils             get_client:803  kwargs = {'hosts': [''], 'port': 9200, 'use_ssl': True, 'certificate': '/etc/elasticsearch/x-pack/ca.crt', 'client_cert': '/etc/elasticsearch/x-pack/master1/master1.crt', 'client_key': '/etc/elasticsearch/x-pack/master1/master1.key', 'ssl_no_validate': False, 'master_only': False, 'aws_secret_key': None, 'aws_sign_request': False, 'url_prefix': '', 'aws_token': None, 'http_auth': None, 'aws_key': None, 'timeout': 30}
2018-08-07 14:25:20,521 DEBUG              curator.utils             get_client:809  Attempting to verify SSL certificate.
2018-08-07 14:25:20,530 DEBUG              curator.utils             get_client:880  Not using "requests_aws4auth" python module to connect.

Looks as if it attempts to verify the certs but then doesn't do anything else. No errors output in the log or stdout.

Full debug log is here -

Removing the client cert and key and specifying a http_auth user/pass seemed to work instead.

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