Curator show/delete index problem

Hi there,

I'm trying to delete some old indexes with the curator plugin however it's always returning all my indexes. I'm on centos7 with ES v 2.0.0

I'm running this on a test server and managed to delete all my indexes because I was stupid and didn't do a show command first lol.
I recovered a couple indexes that I took a snapshot of previously and found why It deleted them -

[root@elk curator]# curator --host show indices --older-than 100 --time-unit days --timestring $Y.%m.%d --prefix logstash-
2016-01-10 17:37:26,203 INFO Job starting: show indices
2016-01-10 17:37:26,218 INFO Action show will be performed on the following indices: [u'logstash-2015.11.01', u'logstash-2015.11.02', u'logstash-2015.11.03']
2016-01-10 17:37:26,218 INFO Matching indices:

no matter what number I put in the "older than days" it always returns ALL my indexes

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong ?

Swap the $ for a % and see what happens

DERP... Damn my bad eyes!!

Thanks that sorted it :grinning: