Curriculum Vitae using ES

Good morning,

I would like use elastic to search in CV perfect matchings and I have this question.

  • Is it possible that with the text of CV get a list of tags? Like a tag cloud.

My idea is get this tags and simply save it in a field in the document of the index and use the elastic motor.

Otherwise, I don't know if the graph could be a good idea to work on it.


not bad idea
you can scan CV save a record for A CV with
name and different kind of expertise that you find by reading that

record should look something like. you have work on this by defining more detail data structure.
once done you can search like select name from index where cond1 and cond2 and cond3 and cond4 etc...

name: xyz
position apply: xyz
softskil: [x, y, z]
technicalskil: [x, y, z]

The problem is that there isn't a specific format and the problem here is get the (softskill, languages...).

Is not possible get repeated words, don't you?


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