Custom Action SDK?


(Paul) #1

Is it (or will it) be possible to develop custom actions for Watcher and plug them into a running instance ?

(Alexander Reelsen) #2

Hey Paul,

right now it's not possible. Are you missing something specific?

A common helper here is the possibility of using a watcher webhook to write to logstash http input and then either reuse an existing logstash plugin or write your own (a bit of ruby code).


(Paul) #3


Thanks for the update.

I wanted to connect to a server which does proprietary messaging over a TCP socket.

Trying to avoid building a solution on an intermediate server, be it logstash or whatever.


(Andrey Utis) #4

I would second the request to be able to write custom action. Actually I would contribute the source code back if you want it :slight_smile:

(system) #5