Custom analyzer for percolator queries

I created a percolator index with custom analyzer ( tokenizer : Whitespace ). But while i applying my docs to that percolate index my custom analyzer is not reflecting . Somewhere in net i read that while searching through percolate also we need to add custom analyzer into that query, So i tried that's too but i got error only ..

it ll be helpful if anyone send that syntax.. or clarify my doubt !!!

"size": 999,
"query": {
"percolate": {
"field": "query",
"document_type": "charts",
"document": {"doc": " Happy-Birthday to you "}
"highlight": {
"pre_tags": [""],
"post_tags": ["
"fields": {
"doc": {
"type": "plain",
"fragmenter": "span",
"number_of_fragments": 0
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