Custom beats for statsd-like behavior (Python)


I came across your product: elastic search + beats and wonder if I can use it to do something similar to what I used to do with statsd and datadog. I looked into statsd + Graphite originally but it seems over-complicated, but I managed to work through your examples with on the documentation and I can see this being immensely useful for this + other project I am working on.

That said, I am wondering where I should look with so many docs that you have. Specifically, I need to use Python to send data directly from the application (it’s a Discord bot btw), and ideally be able to run some Python code to send metrics directly. That is at least what I used to do sending statsd data to DataDog.

What are my next steps? Can you point me to the right direction to read the necessary documentations? I am a bit lost in your sea of products + libraries + documentations + code samples when I really just want to do a very simple task.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hi @smlbiobot,

This is an interesting feature, we have talked about it before and may even be implemented at some point. If you want to write something in Python you cannot benefit from beats libraries, as you know, they are written in Go.

In any case I think that elasticsearch python client would be a good start: It should give you the right tools to send events to elasticsearch.

If you prefer to see this implemented in beats, you may show your interest by creating a feature request in Github:, someone may pick up the task and you will be able to follow the updates on it.

Thanks for your reply.

I have now started using logstash and the python logstash developed by a 3rd-party developer and send events directly from my app to ES. It has been working well so far. I do still think that beats might be a better choice — I am not sure.

But since it is working right now I will continue to use logstash. I just wish that while your documentation is one of the very best I have seen for a technology company, that I would have known to pick logstash over beats before spending a day reading the beat docs :slight_smile:


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