Custom dashboard (visualization) using Lens

Hi, i have logs in Json format stored in Elasticsearch and i want to create a custom bar chart using Lens, but i don't know how to access all the data inside the logs, the only values that i can use to make the chart is the message.keyword and the timestamp.keyword. how can i use other values like Level of the logfile (Info, trace, debug) or State (Successful, Error, Executing)?.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I'm one of the engineers who works on Lens. Based on your description of the log data, I would not expect there to be any issues. So to find issues, can you provide an idea of:

a) What does a sample document look like?
b) What does your index pattern management screen look like?

This will help me understand whether your data is structured in a way that we expect.


it looks like this:

and this:

I have to use the Mapping API for use all the key-values pairs of the log?

Okay, it looks like your index pattern object in Kibana is outdated. Please try the refresh button in the top right of the screen, which will load the new mappings.

Thank you very much!!

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