Kibana change log axis from count to custom name

Hi experts,

Please share me reference whereby i would like to do a line graph wiht y axis displaying log level (trace, eror) and x-axis displaying as timestamp. The line will indicate the name of the logs. Please share your experience

Hi @navin1093,

The preferred way to do visualizations in Kibana is using Lens editor. To create a Lens visualization you need to go to Visualize app:

Click "Create visualization":

And select Lens editor:

Further to learn how to create Lens charts you can read in this documentation:

thanks for the reference. I will give a try and learn on this chart. Once i have implemented it, will reply with additional references by this week and will mark yours as solution

i tried using lens, however, it does not allow string type .

Here is the sample of graph i wish to have

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