Custom endpoint settings

Hi team,
How to set custom endpoint to write JSON from front-end to two indicies simultaneously?
Use Kibana 6.7.0.

You'll need to create a custom plugin and add a server route with the path you want to call from the front end. This route can then handle talking to Elasticsearch on behalf of the client.

return new kibana.Plugin({
  // ...
  init(server, options) {
      path: '/api/my_plugin/my_endpoint',
      method: 'GET',
      handler(req, reply) {
        const response = await server.plugins.elasticsearch.callWithRequest(req, ...args);
        // ... do something with response
        reply('message to send to client');

Then you can talk to your API from the front end by calling /api/my_plugin/my_endpoint

This blog post, though a few years old, provides some good examples with further detail on how to configure server routes in your plugin & query Elasticsearch using callWithRequest.

Kibana's server-side plugin code relies heavily on hapi, so those docs will also be a good point of reference in terms of how to configure your server routes.

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