Custom plugin for Kibana and integration error

Hi @tsullivan & All,

By following "Existing suggestion" steps we are planning to do build a custom plugin but we are are not able to proceed and getting error messages. Kindly help us to create a custom plugin. Please find below followed steps.

  1. Downloaded - Kibana source code from -
  2. Ran this command “yarn kbn bootstrap” and we got bootstrap successfully completed after 40 mns
  3. Ran this command on Cygwin prompt “yarn start”. We got the error "node not found" whereas node is available. Please find attachment for error message.

I have got NodeJS version “10.15.1” installed

Hello Praveen,

Just a fair warning, our build instructions are tailored towards Linux environments. Having said that I'll offer a few challenges I've uncovered in this area:

  • I'm not certain of how well cygwin will work for building kibana or plugins. Have you considered WSL? I'm actually not 100% certain of how well WSL works either, but I have in the past built kibana in WSL with some hurdles along the way. I'm aware there have been improvements to WSL since then. You may be able to do this with even better success than I found 6 months ago when last I tried!
  • You'll likely want to install NVM (node version manager) or its equivalent. I'm aware there are a couple of options for Windows environments but what you install depends on whether you end up using WSL and from there I'd do some research to determine what node version utility makes the most sense for your environment

Again, just a disclaimer that most Kibana development assumes a Linux/Mac environment so there may be some challenges. Having said that, based on past experience, I believe it should be possible!


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