Custom Realm Example help

(Aaron) #1

I'm trying out the custom realm example to try and get an idea of how custom realms work. I have X-Pack installed on Elasticsearch and Kibana. I built the custom realm plugin and installed it on the Elasticsearch node. When I try to log in to Kibana, the authentication seems to work when I use the 'jane' or 'john' users, but there is a call being made to CustomRealm#token(ThreadContext threadContext) but the ThreadContext has no headers set so I never get past the Kibana login page. Should this work? or is there a step I've missed?

(Tim Vernum) #2

The example custom realm isn't designed to work out of the box with Kibana.

The example realm uses its own User and Password headers that Kibana doesn't know how to send.
The X-Pack features ofr Kibana are designed to work with Basic Authentication using the HTTP standard Authorization header.

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