Custom Realm: read properties from customRealm.yml

(Jathin) #1

Basic difference between the CustomRealmPlugin in 2.x to CustomRealmExtension in 5.x is that now an instance needs to be provided instead of a class ref. previously realms were able to inject its own configurations by reading some yml file. but with 5.x restructuring i am unable to figure out how to read custom properties into a realm. These properties will be in a custom yml file in installed dir.

Also need to figure out whats the best way to get install dir so that i can load my properties via the realm.

any sample code would be of great help. i was reading, but it does not have that example.

(Jay Modi) #2

Each realm is provided a RealmConfig which provides the Enviornment. From the environment you can resolve the configDir and then read your file from there.

(Jathin) #3

And now i am getting this error. access denied ("" ".\src\test\resources\abc.jks" "read")

(Jathin) #4

I am just running my plugin via junits.. So i am not sure where to place my plugin-security.policy file or should it be a different file.

(Jathin) #5

I saw this thread.

it says about updating custom realm example to add some permissions, and updating documents as well.

Can you share where it is updated.

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