Custom region map cors error

I am running kibana in docker. I am serving geojson file using simplehttpserver in python. I tried different options by enabling cors, but I have trouble getting this work in Kibana. The last option I tried is to run the python server in docker instance where kibana is running. No luck from any of this. Kindly help me fix this issue. Is there any configuration I am missing ?

When I monitored the network tab, I could see 200 response for fetching the geojson file, but there is a warning popup saying there is cors error

You'll probably want to update server.cors.origin in your config/kibana.yml.

@lukas I tried the configuration you mentioned and I still have the same issue.
My kibana config looks like below

server.cors : true
server.cors.origin: ["*"]
server.cors.additionalHeaders: ["kbn-version", "cookie"]
server.cors.credentials: true
    - name: "Nepal"
      url: "http://localhost:8000/nepal.geojson"
      attribution: ""
          - name: "NAME"
            description: "Name"

Generated a new geojson file and restarted my docker instance. After this, I got this working. But, one feedback is to change the warning pop up message which is misleading. The message is common for all the errors which is why, I wasted my time.

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