Custom Sort

I have a customer index, where i'm doing a match on multiple customer ids (to check if the customers are present), if the customers are present then I am applying filters with some conditions like minimum balance etc etc.

This works absolutely fine, but my requirement is I want to retrieve the customer information in the same order I provide the input.

Eg: If I pass customers ids as cust-id-2, cust-id-1, then the returned output should be in the same order. But what I get is the information of cust-id-1 and then cust-id-2 because cust-id-1 was saved before cust-id-2.

Sample query what I'm using:

curl -XPOST 'localhost:9200/customer/_search?pretty' -d '
{"query": {
"bool": {
"should": [{"match": {"_id": "13757e3c-275e-4254-a759-601dbe04cb18"}},
{"match": {"_id": "74d23ed0-8946-4326-8d08-280c1d6c7f0b"}}]
"_source": ["id","customer-name","content-type"]

In the above query I get data for both the ids (the ids here are uuid) but in an order where customer-id 74d23 is shown before 13757. I want the order to be retained in the same order as input.

And solution or approach will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Please, post a sample of the query you are using, with multiple customer ids.

I have update the question with sample query.

If you already have the ids, there is no need to do a search. You can get the document directly. Try using Multi Get, not only it will do what you want but it will also be faster.

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